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We combine our 30 years of experience with the latest tools, techniques, and technologies to deliver your message in engaging and compelling ways that get results.

Creative Edge on the Set
  • Advertising – Creative Development, Production, Media Buying, Distribution
  • Video Production — Feature Films, Documentaries, Corporate/Industrial, Sales, Educational, Multi-Camera Image Mag & Production
  • Audio Production – Long-form and short-form radio programming, features, ads.
  • Aerial Photography/Videography
  • Still Photography — Including HDR, 360° Panaramas, and Virtual Tours
  • Website Design/Programming/Hosting
  • Live Event Design/Staging/Production
  • Graphic Design/Printing/Packaging
  • Ministry Support
  • DVD/CD Duplication/Replication

The Creative Edge Philosophy

We put your best foot forward.

When we set out to name our company, we chose the word “communications” intentionally. While we love clever concepts and powerful production techniques, our most important job is to communicate our client’s message in a clear and compelling way, using the media and methodology best suited for the job. We exist to understand and reflect our clients’ mission statement, corporate personality, priorities and values, and to communicate them powerfully and effectively. That’s why businesses, ministries and other agencies turn to us for comprehensive creative services.

It’s business… and personal.

Every assignment represents not just a job, but a partnership between our company and our client. This high level of investment and involvement not only enables us to do a better job of communication, but sensitizes us to the priorities of your organization, the constraints of your budget and the emotional ambience we seek to reflect.

We speak to the mind in the language of the heart.

People act on the things they feel—not necessarily on what they know or understand. Creative Edge Communications realizes that the motivational and emotional components of a presentation are vital to effective communication. That’s why we go the extra mile to make our productions engaging, stimulating, challenging, thought-provoking, warm-hearted, honest, original and straightforward. We believe our success comes not only from utilizing technology that is state-of-the-art, but understanding our audiences’ state of the heart.

We chose this career on purpose.

Creative Edge Communications was founded as an outlet for our God-given gifts and talents. Our work reflects the joy of fulfilling our sense of purpose.


Everybody has a story. And telling those stories in a way that touches hearts and inspires positive action is a Creative Edge specialty.

Our “mini documentaries” have been used with great success by charities and churches both regionally and nationally.

Step Up to the Plate: Our Community in Action

A short, yet powerful documentary that explores the challenges, changes, and Orange County’s on-going response to serving our most vulnerable elderly neighbors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Produced by Creative Edge Communications for Meals On Wheels Orange County.

The Dog that Ran The Home

A mini-documentary produced by Creative Edge Communications, Inc.

Comeback: The Jason David Story

A mini-documentary produced by Creative Edge Communications, Inc.

From Disarray to Discovery: The Barry Zito Story

A mini-documentary produced by Creative Edge Communications, Inc.


From one store to a regional giant, Creative Edge Communications has been with Living Spaces Furniture from the beginning.

Since Living Spaces opened the doors of their first showroom in 2003, Creative Edge Communications has written and produced a huge portion of the retailer’s TV and radio spots. In addition, we’ve assisted with electronic in-store POS displays, employee communications, and video press-releases for store openings.

Working closely through the years with their owners and ever-growing marketing staff, we’ve told Living Spaces’ story and seen them grow from that first local store to nearly 25 outlets in four states with six regional markets.

That’s quite a story.

Living Spaces See it in Life Accessories

Broadcast TV Spot produced by Creative Edge Communications, Inc.

Living Spaces Scottsdale Grand Opening Event

Media & Local Dignitary Breakfast Event
VNR produced by Creative Edge Communications, Inc.

Step Up to the Plate Trailer

Redeemed Stories: Segment One

Lifted Up!

I Wanna Rock!

Angeles Crest Recreation: Fully Charged

Angeles Crest Christian Camp Virtual Tour: Facilities

Impact Groups: First Presbyterian, Fullerton

Dude and Dude Kickstarter Campaign

Angeles Crest Christian Camp Donor Thank You

Bonita Valley Community Church Building Dedication

BVCC Christmas Presence TV Spot

ACCC Junior Winter Camp Promo

Mock "Late Nite Show Highlights"

TV Spot: See It In Life Sofas: Living Spaces

BVCC Sermon Support: Aerial Cross Excerpt

ACCC Church Support Presentation

Living Spaces Westside Loft

Our Christmas Miracle


Meals On Wheels Orange County
Angeles Crest Christian Camp
Alzheimer's Orange County
Friends Community Church
The Urban Alternative
Long Beach Fire Department
Cameron Broadcasting Inc.

Kevin Vosecky

Kevin Vosecky

While in the sixth grade at elementary school, Kevin put together his first photographic darkroom from equipment gathered at local garage sales… and has happily found himself on the technical side of creativity ever since.

“I find a great deal of satisfaction in making the inspirational from the inanimate — I’m definitely a gadget-guy but it’s got to be a gadget with a purpose — the journey is fun, but the finished product and it’s positive effect on others is the payoff.”

Kevin truly enjoys what he does for a living and he is thankful he’s had the opportunity to share his passion, aptitude, and experience with a multitude of individuals and organizations.

“One of the things I’ve loved about my work with CEC over the years is learning from our clients about their specialty in life. I’m amazed at the range and depth of knowledge that each individual has in their particular area of expertise and I marvel at how all of these pieces work together to fill unique needs within our society.”

Kevin admits that sounds a little Pollyannaish.

“But it’s true. It really is a joy to get to know so many different people and to explore areas of life that I would otherwise be oblivious to. And, to know that I help move others toward their goals – that’s very rewarding!”

When Kevin is not busy being rewarded by meeting his clients’ needs, he can be found in the mountains and at the beach camping with his family, hiking, biking, exploring God’s amazing universe, flying multi-rotors, shooting photos and videos, learning something new, reading a good book, or fixing something that broke.

He does a lot of the latter… and his wife thanks him for that.

Steve Harris

Steve Harris

Steve began his career in radio, producing programs and commercials for two different Christian stations in the LA market. From there, he moved on to Focus on the Family where he did promotion and advertising for the organization’s radio program and was the co-creator and first producer of the still-popular children’s drama series, Adventures in Odyssey.

“At Focus, I learned how to design and deliver a message from some of the best communicators of the day,  One of the things I discovered is that changing the way people think and behave begins by changing the way they feel.”

Steve uses his skills as a writer and producer for clients of all kinds, from retailers and manufacturers to charities, ministries and educational institutions.

“I thrive on the variety my job provides. For instance, I remember learning about the inner workings of the county school system and 1600-degree blast furnaces in a single week of shooting for two different clients a while back.”

This breadth of experience has helped Steve understand how organizations work… and what they need.

In his off hours, Steve enjoys playing guitar, writing songs, taking pictures, and watching his grandchildren develop their skills and discover the world.

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